Ideas and Imagery #82

When you are in a field of flowers, it can be really difficult to get past how beautiful they are and to resist taking 100 pictures that all look the same.  In case you are wondering, I shot plenty of pretty flower shots as well, but of all of my shots from the day, this was my favorite.

This is a dahlia bud on the verge of changing colors and blossoming.  You can see the beginnings of the red tips of a few petals, making them look like painted fingernails.  What caught my eye were the beautiful leaves with their curved shape and their texture.  I also thought the contrast of the bright sky really brought out the shape of the flower.

I like to challenge myself when I am in a situation where it is easy to just shoot what you have shot a hundred times before.  I like to try and find at least one shot that isn't like anything else in my catalogue, and on this day I felt like I was able to do just that.