Ideas and Imagery #49

This was a shot I took in passing along the Columbia River.  I love the colors and tones of this image, and the especially hard line separating the calm water from the covered boats.  From the reflections to the angular lines of the structure and the patterned roof, there is just a lot to see in the photograph.

It isn't just one thing in this photo that makes it for me.  It's all of the disparate pieces playing a role in the scene.  Photos don't always have to have clear subjects to be engaging.  A similar comparison might be to a song with esoteric lyrics.  The song has no overt meaning so it can functionally means different things to different people.

To me, this is the beauty of art.  I can take my shot, drawing a conclusion of what it means to me, and then move to the next shot.  This process allows me to share a photo with others without assigning meaning to it, letting the viewer to come to conclusions on their own.