Ideas and Imagery #47

I took this shot out near Eugene in the farmland southwest of the city.  It was such a vibrant and out of place item lost among a sea of castaway objects and rolling pastureland.

I stopped along the highway to take some shots from the road.  Behind me was a barn and while I was snapping a few shots, a lady came out and asked me what it was I was so interested in.  I thought it was obvious, but either she didn't and was truly curious or she thought I was up to no good.  I answered her immediately..."That boat is fantastic."

After a few more shots I got back in the car and drove away.  I can only imagine the chuckle I gave to her day and a story to tell her friends.  In my mind she is laughing and talking about how crazy the tourists are getting.  It's like they've never seen a boat before.

I'll be a tourist if I continue to get shots like these.