Ideas and Imagery #11

I spent the better part of a day walking along the Willamette River looking for a Great Blue Heron to shoot.  I walked 3 miles up and then back along a trail and was not optimistic about my chances to even see a heron this day, let alone get a shot.

However, as I was getting closer to my car I came across this heron on the bank.  I was about 100 ft. away shooting with a 300mm focal length, and quickly fired off some frames to make sure that I got some photos before he flew off.

After a few minutes, I was surprised to still be shooting.  I figured out why it was ignoring me when I shot this photo.  This heron was standing on a large concrete pipe picking fish off as they emerged into the river.  This unlucky bluegill was one of three fish I watched the heron eat in 10 minutes of shooting.