Ideas and Imagery #33

This was an odd morning where the cloud cover was thick above me while the fog at the horizon was clearing up.  I really like how the darkness on the top and bottom edges contain the picture, almost like letterboxing on an old 4:3 television set.  I also think it is interesting how Mt. Hood seems to be floating in the picture.

On the podcast I listen to, one of the hosts frequently reduces landscape photography down to waiting for the weather.  I think that is an oversimplification, especially considering my process for taking photos.  I think that belief short-changes the photographer's role in creating a picture.

In this instance I was able to catch great light and atmosphere on a fall morning, but I didn't go out shooting knowing that this is what I would get.  I generally don't camp in a spot over several days to try and catch the best weather.  I always have my camera with me, ready to shoot when I move past something that catches my eye.

I like to think that I am good at taking what a particular scene is willing to give.  I sometimes drive around with the idea of a destination, but oftentimes end up coming home with shots that are nothing like what I thought I would get leaving the house.  This is due to an openness to what is around me and an understanding of the light that is available throughout the day.

Taking what the scene gives has allowed me to shoot a better percentage of keeper photos and has prepared me to shoot in almost any situation.  Inspiration can be found almost anytime and anywhere if you are willing to challenge yourself to make great photos regardless of the shooting conditions.