Ideas and Imagery #18

Fireworks shots can be a dime a dozen, or they can be really interesting.  To me what makes a good firework shot is the combination of engaging subjects supporting a clean configuration of fireworks.

What makes this so difficult to pull off is the randomness of the fireworks themselves.  You can compose a fantastic backdrop, and  can guess the timing and proximity of when and how the fireworks will explode with little issue, but getting a pleasing pattern of fireworks is mostly out of your control.

I would estimate that I took 70 separate shots of fireworks during the show with three different compositions.  Of those 70, I kept about 17 photos.  Of those 17 photos, I would only actually consider 5 of them interesting.  This is the one standout shot from those five.

I was pleased with this shot, and while I didn't get much else, it made the effort worthwhile for me.