Ideas and Imagery #42

I spent at least an hour before sunrise trying to get a shot of this bridge without cars in it.  I would go to the center of the road, set up my tripod, and as soon as I was halfway through my 15 second long exposure, I would see headlights emerge from the fog.

This can be a frustrating experience when I have a shot in mind, but factors outside of my influence are getting in the way.  The cars were relentless, and for the hour I was there, I felt cheated a bit on this shot.

That all changed when I got home and started to process images.  The light from the car added a level of interest that I don't think the shot would have had otherwise.

I think that the key to my photography is remaining open to possibilities and allowing my vision to be guided by what I am seeing.  Had I stuck to my original plan, this shot minus the headlights would have been all I would have brought home.  However by taking pictures anyway, regardless of if they were a perfect match to my vision or not, I was able to bring home something I think is a bit more enjoyable.

I'm thankful for happy accidents