Ideas and Imagery #94

It's been a few weeks since my last post.  I have been working on a large project that culminated last week with a large event, followed by some well needed decompression.

Compression is a good topic for this photo, which I shot with a long lens.  When you are zoomed into a subject you notice a phenomenon called compression where all of the subjects in 3-D space are "compressed" into a 2-D perspective.  This flattens the depth in the photo, which can be really effective. 

I have been using compression to try and present shapes, colors, and patterns in space as a single planned composition. This shot is so far the best example of that process hitting the mark.

I am really pleased with the spacing and colors here, which end up being more interesting as a group than they would have been if taken separately. 

I've started a project of sorts that will try to expand upon this idea.  I'll post more results as I start to build this project and present it as a whole.  For now I just wanted to share this shot and explain what I am looking to create.