Ideas and Imagery #96

Taken during my "On Taking Assignments " project, this photo was a result of my efforts for the Multiple Exposure assignment last November.  I can tell you that I started nowhere near where I ended in my 4 hour search for inspiration, which should give you comfort in knowing that I saved both you and myself from some really terrible ideas.

It isn't uncommon in my experience to suffer a lot of unimaginative and poor shots when trying to take an idea and break it down into something that not only works, but works well.  I find that this is common no matter what type of photography I am undertaking.

In the end, good shots are as much perseverance and effort as they are inspiration, and I rarely get to the point of inspiration without the effort up front.  This shot is a perfect example of what can happen when you push past early failures to get to the really good stuff just on the other side.