Ideas and Imagery #63

Motion in photography is a great tool for abstraction.  This tree was incredibly colorful and is right outside my front door.  I loved the color and the light, but taking a straight picture of the leaves wouldn't make it look any different than a thousand other fall foliage photos.

I had an idea that would transform the leaves into something less static and more interesting.  I would move the camera to intentionally blur the colors and add some motion.  This isn't a new idea.  In fact I have done this on many occasions to try and generate something that is pleasing to the eye.

When I began, I wasn't getting results I liked.  The patterns were a bit to straight and forced.  You could tell that I was intentionally moving the camera.  I stopped and went inside for the day with good shots but nothing that stood out.

On my way home the next day the wind was blowing hard and in gusty fits and starts.  I changed my idea to incorporate movement that was more random and out of my control.  I relied on the wind to randomize the motion and make it less forced.  The result was this picture, which I love.  You can tell what the image is, but at the same tie it is a colorful mess.

I will no doubt be looking for more opportunities to let nature provide movement to my photos.