Ideas and Imagery #70

The light in this scene was terrific, but fleeting.  Spring weather is great to shoot in because there is so much drama in the light.  Quick breaks in the cloud cover, where the sun peeks through completely and you have a large differential in light is a weather condition that I love to find.

This scene benefitted from the hard sunlight that gave shape to the barn and sheep.  It also provided a fair bit of contrast to the dark gray moodiness in the background.

It feels like I've shot just about every old barn in the state, but it never gets old for me.  It's great when these old barns are still being used, signifying land that is being cared for.  For every one of these barns I see in good shape, I see another one or two that are neglected.  It was a treat to find this shot and it's one I really enjoy.