Ideas and Imagery #72

Willamette Falls seems to be an underappreciated landmark.  I am not sure what the reason is for this, but I think it has something to do with perception of the two mills that stand sentry above anything that passes through the falls.

There is such a rich history at this site, which passes the second largest volume of water after Niagara Falls in the United States.  The Falls were the origin of the first long distance electric transmission lines in the US, and supported the families of many Oregonians through industry over the past 150 years.

Some of the lack of interest in the falls stems from lack of access, although efforts are underway to change that.  In the meantime I seem to find plenty there from the viewpoints that are available.

Sunsets over the falls are particularly beautiful.  The reflection of the sun setting on the water highlights its shape.  Logs always line the waterfall's edge, and there is an abundance of birds, fish, and pesky sea lions.

It's truly an amazing place, and I am hopeful that access to the falls will be restored so that people can get close enough to become connected to this historic feature.  Until then, I will continue to enjoy the falls from a distance.  It truly is a magnificent place.