Ideas and Imagery #68

Sometimes a subject doesn't need to be as apparent for a photo to be successful.  I'm not sure that this photo has a definitive subject.  I think if you asked 10 people to tell you what this photo is about, you'd probably get a few different answers.

Does a photo need to be about something or have an obvious subject to be successful?  I would have said yes not too long ago, but I am softening on that stance a bit.  I still think my best work generally has simple and compelling subjects, but I feel there is room for shots like this one.

There are more questions here than answers, and I think that intrigue is what makes this shot appealing.

One question I had to answer was why I photoshopped the sign upside down.  It's interesting that the person assumed that I manipulated the sign to add interest instead of assuming that I took the shot because I though the upside down sign was interesting, which was the case.

This style of photo that focuses on shape and composition is something that I have been working on regularly, and will become a new theme in my work as I start to move through material more often on this site.  It will be a nice departure from the rest of my work, and a great way for me to introduce new ideas into my work.