Ideas and Imagery #75

This shot is hands down one of my best of 2015 so far.  I have photographed from this spot on several locations, but this is the first time that I have encountered the falls lit with the bridge in shadow.

The location of the fisherman's silhouette in the shot makes for an incredible focal point.  The mist from the falls adds a softness to the light that is fantastic and the reflection of the light and tones of blue and yellow add warmth and calmness to the scene.  I love the shadowy shapes and curved lines of the bridge, and how the light contrasts so heavily around it.

One last little touch that made this a great shot for me was the lamps that are illuminated by the light of the falls even though they are in shadow.  They add a little accent to the bridge and pillars that helps move your eye through the scene.

It was a great feeling to come home and see this on the card.  Shots like these are what make it worth the time and effort of searching for great shots, and that fuel my passion for photography.