Ideas and Imagery #85

This photo of the St. John's bridge is one of my favorite black and white images.  The late afternoon sun gave good direction and deep shadows to the bridge, and the clouds on the right work to balance the composition of the tall section of bridge.

The bridge itself has so much character and the pillars have such great shape and spacing.  Every element is visible in the frame and the detail in each of the different areas contrasts well within its surroundings, making each a distinct segment of the shot.

As I've said before, it's not hard to shoot pretty destinations, but it is hard to try to photograph them differently than everyone else.  Getting photos that stand out requires patience and a willingness to get off the beaten path to try and find a different way to see.

While not miles away, moving off the bridge and shooting from a different angle really elevated this shot and made it one of my favorites of 2014.