On Taking Assignments #45 - Distortion

During this project there were weeks where my everyday life just didn't allow an opportunity to spend time on the assignment.  In those weeks I often defaulted to searching around the house for ways to fulfill the assignment just before the deadline.

Many times this resulted in some great images, and required a lot more creativity than shots out in the world.  These shots were made more than they were taken. 

For Distortion, I was looking for something that would bend the shape of objects and after some trial and error with spoons and other glass objects this change jar idea emerged. 

I shot this both wide and long to see what the difference in composition would be, and the long shot was definitely more interesting. 

I first tried to shoot only the distorted part of the jar, but you really couldn't discern what the distorted objects were.  Once I shot through the neck of the jar there was an anchor from which the rest of the shot made more sense.  I also liked the symmetry and center focal point. 

It's still surprising to me how the assignments inspired creativity out of necessity.  I had to gets shot and I didn't want to post outcomes that I knew were uninteresting.  Shots like this reinforced the idea that making a commitment to this project was a worthwhile investment of my time and creativity.

On Taking Assignments

I frequently listen to the On Taking Pictures (OTP) podcast, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for good conversation about creativity, especially as it related to photography.  In January 2014 the hosts, Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris, began a new segment of weekly assignments that they gave to listeners.  Results of the assignments are posted on the OTP Google Plus group.  I decided that I would commit myself to the assignments for a year without interruption, and that I would complete each one before the next assignment was announced on the show each Tuesday morning.  My 'On Taking Assignments' blog posts are the culmination of my year-long focus on these assignments.