Ideas and Imagery #103

This is a color counterpart to an image I posted in my Ideas and Imagery #90 blog post.  While this is a later shot on the same morning, I feel like the color treatment was more suitable here.

Colors dominate here to good effect with support provided by the reflection in the water.  The hills help to separate the sky and water, providing a stark contrast to the brightness of the sunrise.  Shadows, while heavy are not totally black, giving the hills shape and adding a sinuous horizon line to frame and contain the sky full of haphazard clouds.

This isn't a destination that people seek to shoot.  It is a sight that locals probably know well.  Some likely love it while others likely take for granted that on any given day, a place you have seen 50 times can still surprise you with how pretty it can be.  I was thankful for the chance to see it.