Ideas and Imagery #114

I accidentally left my wallet in the passenger door of my co-worker's work vehicle. The problem was that he only works in our office once a week and the rest of the time he works an hour away.

While sharing my mistake isn't the point of this post, I can say that my resulting two hour round trip car ride to retrieve my wallet would have been completely annoying if not for having my camera with me.  As a result the trip was only mostly annoying.

I approached this bar near the end of my journey, and what caught my eye was the colorful glare from the neon signs off the wet roadway.  Between the bikes out front, the neon signs and the non-descript building front, this bar is representative of small town bars everywhere.

Once I arrived back home and started to look through my photos, this bar immediately reminded me of the one in the beginning of Terminator 2.  I walked across the street to get the reflections of the neon signs in the shot, and was also able to get some leading lines framed in as well, leading directly to the front door.  From there, you see the bikes all lined up in the same position, the neon signs and the door.

I know what is in there in my mind...a few pool tables, a couple of taps, and the regular patrons settling in after a long day at work.  I just keep waiting for Arnold to throw someone through the window and ride off on one of those bikes.