Ideas and Imagery #120

Watching the sun set over Willamette Falls is an experience that I try to have as often as I can.  I remember coming to Oregon City in the years before I worked here, and never really knowing that they existed.

I'm sure in elementary or high school I learned about them, and about the history in Oregon City, but being in Southern Oregon it was never as immediate or as significant as features and history in our own back yard.  And I'll admit that Oregon history that I learned in grade school remained in my head until the end of the test I took about it the next week.

I moved to Portland for a few years between my sophomore and junior years of college, but I never really had any reason to come out to Oregon City.  I worked on the west side and moved back to Corvallis to finish school, still unaware of the cultural and historical significance of Oregon City's landmarks.

Fast forward to landing a job in Oregon City in 2009, and I was first introduced to the Falls.  It took some time, but in the years since I have really grown to appreciate being able to spend time along the bluff trail, having more time to explore and enjoy the Falls, the Arch Bridge and downtown Oregon City.

Now I have seen the Falls in all kinds of weather and stages of flow, and I don't think I have ever not marveled at how interesting a landmark it is.  In that time of discovery I have been rewarded with views of the Falls like this one, taken at sunset from the bluff.

It excites me to think that through my photos people can get to see the beauty and history of Oregon City.  It's a gem that I may never have discovered had I not moved here, and I am hoping that people who have never seen the Falls will see my photos and be encouraged to take the time to see it in person.  I know I am glad of my discovery and hope that others can experience the beauty and unique character of the Falls and all that surround it.