Tiles #19

If you've ever driven past a farm field, one thing that becomes apparent pretty quickly is the regularity of how a field was planted.

It doesn't matter what type of crop it is, but I get mesmerized looking down the rows as the car keeps going, each row centering itself in view and moving on.  It becomes a movie of sorts, each centering a revealing a bit different view. 

While passing this wheat field the animation was one of the lines changing angles until centered and then angling off again, which is what grabbed my attention.  It became even more pronounced with the lines curving up the hill. 

I decided to stop at this field because I liked the shape and regularity of the curved lines, and the diagonal pattern that subtly ran from top left to bottom right, likely from a spray rig.

It would be a bit disorienting if not for the side light creating some shadows and direction.  Its a fun image and one ready made for my tiles project.