Ideas and Imagery #121

Even though I no longer participate every week in the On Taking Pictures Assignments that were a part of my 2014 project of the same name, I do occasionally find an assignment of interest and work to submit a photo.

Last October the assignment was Stairs, for which I have a sort of affinity for photographing, so I sought to find an interesting shot to use.  I don't normally shoot with my iPhone, but this was one time where it wasn't practical to shoot with anything but my iPhone since I was at a conference.

I was on a walk trying to get away from the constant sitting that is a hallmark of conference life, and cam upon these stairs with this great triangular shadow on them.  Being slightly geometrically inclined (code for math nerd), I worked to get the best angle for the shot.

One thing that you really have to contend with when using your iPhone is how close you need to get to the subject to fill up the frame.  With my large camera, I am usually able to shoot from a distance and zoom in to both flatten the image and eliminate my shadow from the photo.

With the iPhone though I had to contort myself and take the shot without looking at the screen in order to keep my shadow out of the way.  I eventually made it work, but picture a guy almost laying on the ground holding his phone out over a stairway and you'll have a mental picture of what my obsession with photography looks like.

Regardless, the shot was worth the contortion and likely public bewilderment, and I now have this end product to show for it.  It's a good thing I am thick skinned!