Ideas and Imagery #123

Sometimes there is a certain rhythm to a place that makes it stand out.  This wall was so ordered and the spacing of the elements was so neatly arranged that it almost feels staged to me.

If not for the complete unlikelihood that someone would go out of their way to arrange all of the elements in such and ordered manner, I would have sworn it was like some pet project of the building owner in trying to place visual interest in an otherwise ordinary setting.

Whether the arrangement was intentional or accidental, I certainly found it to be really compelling.  What caught my eye was the relation of the three pipes to the window, which added its own geometric pattern to the whole.

The plant placed on center underneath helped to balance out the gas meters on the left, and the green stripe a third of the way up the wall set against the tan made the colors feel very earthy.

the part that really finished the scene off was the two white had prints.  I would have thought the whole scene interesting even without the hands, but with them there is this mystery that invites you to try and figure out why they are there.  I haven't come up with a decent narrative yet, but it is there, ripe for the picking.

I am happy to share this photo because otherwise this wall might have existed in obscurity until it either was repainted or left to crumble.  At least now a few people will get to appreciate it and will also get to wonder how I came across it in the first place.