Ideas and Imagery #130

During the spring there are times when the Willamette River really moves over the Falls.  It's during these times that I wish that access to the falls was better.  I really can't wait to be able to experience the falls from close up, especially when it is in full force. 

On this day, the water was really rough, even on its approach to the falls.  Most days there is a calm reflection that makes Willamette Falls seem tame.  Here you can really see the texture surrounding the horseshoe shape, culminating in nothing but white water below.

Accentuating the falls is the highlight from the sun filling up the hole in the clouds, like a window opened just enough to let the sun shine in a dim room.  That golden light helps warm what would otherwise be a relatively bleak photo.

With as much rain as we have had recently, I am looking forward to a bit more hopeful weather to light up the dreary sky and bring warmth after what has been a long, cold, wet winter.