Ideas and Imagery #131

It's so hard sometimes to come up with original ways to shoot common subjects, like flowers.  I visit this dahlia field every year around County Fair time, and I make it my mission to try and capture something different from the last.

On this hot summer morning the flowers in this field are given a much needed dousing to help them outlast the sweltering temperatures.  This puddle felt oddly out of place on such a hot day, which is why it stood out so well when I saw it and why it must have caught my eye.

It was striking how clear the reflection of the flowers was.  I am accustomed to some level of distortion when shooting reflections, and with the calf hot day this puddle wasn't moving a bit.  I first shot this at a higher aperture, but quick though it looked too busy.

In order to isolate the flower reflection and make the picture a bit more difficult to decipher, I opened the aperture way up, and focused on the flowers, making the foreground blur beyond recognition.

I think this reflection resulted in a great composition, and one that helped me meet my quota of one new perspective and shot from my time in the dahlias.