Ideas and Imagery #133

I like images that tell a story or whose subjects can represent bigger ideas or themes.  There are various themes that this image can take, but let's start with what it is.

What caught my eye about this image were the two birds, one black and one white, perched together but apart on the top of this concrete pillar overlooking Willamette Falls.  While the subjects are small, the scene overall is complex.

The black and white processing helps keep the birds from being overcome by the other elements of the scene, and the turbulence of the water and industrial buildings render the surroundings inhospitable.  The pillar is the only quiet element of the scene.

I won't make any leaps about how you might interpret the story.  I have my own thoughts about it, but it does lend itself to outside story lines and projection.

That is one of the things I love about art in general.  Everybody imbues a different meaning on each photo based on their own life and experiences.  I try hard not to put my meaning on my photos for folks.  It's hard sometimes when writing about them, but I try to focus my discussion on my process and what I was seeing in the field.

With that I'll leave the interpretation of this photo to you.  I hope it tells you a story that you find interesting.