Tiles #26

When shooting for my "Tiles" and "Compressions" photo series, I work hard try and add something to a composition instead of relying on what already in a scene.

For instance in my "Compressions" photos, I try to take subjects with three-dimensional qualities and shoot them in a way that flattens them into two-dimensional space.  I feel in that way I am contributing my vision into the photo and making it an extension of my thoughts.

But sometimes I'll see a potential photo that stands on its own, and if it wins the internal battle between seeing what is already there and feeling the need to add my own filter to it, I'll shoot the scene regardless of feeling that I should have to work harder for it.

I like this photo because it makes me wonder how this wall ended up with such a diversity of colors and textures.  I wonder about why they stopped demolishing the still intact wall along this diagonal line.  Did they run out of money?  Did they find structural issues?

While I'll never know the answers to my musings, I don't know that it matters all that much.  Sometimes mysteries can be much more interesting than having the answers.  Not all stories are meant to be told.