Tiles #29

It's interesting how much of the world we live in is composed of simple shapes that we learned when we were toddlers.  They get disguised by their combinations into complex objects, but they are often still very visible if you isolate them.

This roof line and vent are of course attached to a much larger section of siding below.  The orange was what first caught my eye, but as I worked through the scene in my viewfinder, the simple triangle with another simple hexagon in the center stood out against the dark contrast of the shingles.

Combined with the rectangular siding and shingles, simple shapes dominate the frame, which is square to make the geometry stand out even further.  The result is complex subject that feels simplified through framing.  It embodies much of what I try to find when I venture out with my camera, and in this case I didn't have to travel far off the beaten path to find it.