Ideas and Imagery #77

The one thing about summer that is difficult for me as a photographer is the lack of variation from one day to the next.  I have always been fond of clouds and more dramatic scenes when I take pictures, and during summer all of the days seem to be the same.

From a non-photography standpoint, I am enjoying the warmth and soaking in the sun.  However from a photography standpoint, I miss days like the one above where a light fog rolled in over the river.

I really like how this photo turned out.  The car trails, sweeping curve and bridge in the distance create a pathway for your eyes, and there are little nuggets all along the way.  I love the look of the contrasting red and white of the car lights, and the glow of the city, and there is just enough of the bridge visible  to tell what it is.

I have always looked forward to fall.  For my photography's sake, I hope it doesn't wait too long.  In the meantime I will focus my shooting in other areas than landscape and try to focus on what's in front of me.