On Taking Assignments #33 - Motoring


It's not everyday you see a dune buggy blazing through suburban streets.  It came at a perfect time for the motoring assignment.

I have an affinity for shooting out the front window of my car for a really interesting perspective.  I will admit I have done it on more than a few occasions to good effect.

I enhanced this photo in good fun as you can see by my caption underneath.  It wasn't very difficult to transform the 34 mph this gentleman was traveling at to 84 mph.  As a rule I don't typically add elements to my photos, but this one seemed like a fun photo to doctor.

Motoring is a pretty accessible assignment.  It's nice to get things you don't have to think too hard about.  It's not easy to be on your game every week, so weeks that came easier were welcome.

On Taking Assignments

I frequently listen to the On Taking Pictures (OTP) podcast, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for good conversation about creativity, especially as it related to photography.  In January 2014 the hosts, Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris, began a new segment of weekly assignments that they gave to listeners.  Results of the assignments are posted on the OTP Google Plus group.  I decided that I would commit myself to the assignments for a year without interruption, and that I would complete each one before the next assignment was announced on the show each Tuesday morning.  My 'On Taking Assignments' blog posts are the culmination of my year-long focus on these assignments.