Ideas and Imagery #74

This shot came about during a recent expedition in search of squares.  If you have been following my previous posts you know about the On Taking Assignments project in which I took the weekly assignments from the On Taking Pictures podcast on for a year as a personal project.

While I have not shot every assignment since that project ended in January, I have taken the time to participate in some as I have time.  For this "Square" assignment I was focused on shooting in square format in addition to looking for square subjects.  As a result I had a difficult time getting a shot of this window I liked until I allowed myself to shoot it in the standard aspect ratio of 2:3 on my camera.

I really like how this shot could be mistaken for a black and white shot if the stark red window frame were a different color.  I love how the ivy on the wall seems to be taking over the window, slowly threatening to choke the light out completely.  The inside lights that line up across the diagonal of the center of the window add a nice symmetry beyond the existing symmetry of the squares.

Overall I thought this was one of my better shots of the day and proof yet again that shots will appear when you least expect them if your eyes are open to what is being offered.