On Taking Assignments #27 - Circles

There were times in the assignment where I just wasn't able to get out of the house to shoot, so I had to get creative.  You would think that circles would be easy to find, which they were.  The trick is in making them interesting.

I thought of the golf ball while playing with my kiddo on the eve of the deadline.  I know , I know, a ball is a sphere, not a circle, and maybe I should have tried to make it two dimensional with different lighting, but I went for more dramatic lighting instead.

I was pleased with this shot, and how the falloff from the flash rendered the dimples on the ball differently based on their position relative to the light source.  I like the transition from full light to shadow and how the circles start almost invisible at the top and bottom with them becoming more distinct near the center when they have equal parts light and shadow.

This was a fun assignment and a good exercise in the effects of light position on a subject.

On Taking Assignments

I frequently listen to the On Taking Pictures (OTP) podcast, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for good conversation about creativity, especially as it related to photography.  In January 2014 the hosts, Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris, began a new segment of weekly assignments that they gave to listeners.  Results of the assignments are posted on the OTP Google Plus group.  I decided that I would commit myself to the assignments for a year without interruption, and that I would complete each one before the next assignment was announced on the show each Tuesday morning.  My 'On Taking Assignments' blog posts are the culmination of my year-long focus on these assignments.