Ideas and Imagery #78

It's difficult to consistently come up with new ways to see a subject once you have spent significant time with it.  The view of the Oregon City Elevator is obscured in so many angles that getting a relatively clean shot of it is difficult.

Between power lines, traffic lights, and now a big black projector, the view can get super busy.  I wanted to get a sense of movement into my photo and set up on the bridge during rush hour and was excited by this vantage point that minimizes the distractions surrounding the elevator.

I was really pleased with this photo, and the contrast and late day shadows made it a great candidate for black and white.  I also feel the lack of color helps to make the motion stand out as an element of the shot.

This was a satisfying find with a subject that I have shot extensively.  It goes to show that if you look long enough you can find ways to see a place differently.