Ideas and Imagery #81

I've sat in this spot on numerous occasions and just watched the river flow.  Nothing quite sums up the geology of this section of the Columbia Plateau like the deep river canyons and steep rock slopes that give it its look and feel.

This is the Deschutes River flowing north toward the Columbia River, and the green of spring lives a short time before the summer dries out the landscape and bakes it to all shades of brown.

This scene speaks to time and processes that started before us and will remain long after us.  I think that is why sitting here seems to make time slow down.  I think that is what I miss most about the area.

When you are sitting and watching something that has had the same shape for thousands of years, you don't particularly feel the need to hurry.  You allow yourself to just look and listen to the wind, which is the only sound you hear.