On Taking Assignments #39 - Transportation

I didn't pre-visualize very many of the shots I took for this project, and all but one of those I did pre-visualize were shots that I set up.  This was the only shot where an idea that came to mind when the assignment was given, actually ended up as my shot.

Transportation is a broad topic with many possible outcomes, but as I had already shot automobiles to satisfy previous assignments that were automobile related, I wanted to shoot something with a different interpretation.  For whatever reason a kid in a wagon came to mind.

This shot was taken at an orchard where people were carting out apples by the wagonload.  The wagons were available to anyone that needed one (what business wouldn't sell by the wagonload if they could?), and there were as many kids riding in the wagons as there were apples.

There's something about little red wagons that make kids want to ride in them.  I remember my little Radio Flyer well, and I considered it my first car when I got it.

This boy was taking advantage of the good graces of his mother, who was willing to pull him on a hot day.  Of course he was doing his part as a little boy, dragging his hand in the dirt along beside.  When I saw them pulling away I snapped a few frames and my assignment was in the bag.

I love it when an idea becomes an image.  It doesn't happen often, but it's great when it does.

On Taking Assignments

I frequently listen to the On Taking Pictures (OTP) podcast, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for good conversation about creativity, especially as it related to photography.  In January 2014 the hosts, Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris, began a new segment of weekly assignments that they gave to listeners.  Results of the assignments are posted on the OTP Google Plus group.  I decided that I would commit myself to the assignments for a year without interruption, and that I would complete each one before the next assignment was announced on the show each Tuesday morning.  My 'On Taking Assignments' blog posts are the culmination of my year-long focus on these assignments.