Ideas and Imagery #98

It's been nice to take a break for the holidays to enjoy family and other facets of my life.  Time away from shooting helps to keep things in perspective and gives me a much needed break from searching for photos.  I have been plenty busy with everything but shooting, but am happy to be picking up my camera again.

This shot was from another break I took with my family last fall to Hood River.  There are plenty of orchards in the area, and this one operated a very large fruit stand.  I really liked the light coming into the bins of apples and pears, but what drew me in was the intersection of the cardboard boxes.

The combination of the lines of the boxes leading my eye around the image with the distinctive quadrants of fruit in each made for a really simple and interesting photo.  It'll be a while until we can revisit this Fall orchard, but in the meantime I can remember from this picture in anticipation of returning for more fruit and more photos.