Ideas and Imagery #100

Newport, Oregon is home to Yaquina Head Lighthouse, formerly known as Cape Foulweather.  At the time we started our coast vacation last summer I had only seen the lighthouse from the park and the beaches to the south.

The place we stayed had access to the beach on the north side of the lighthouse, providing a new perspective. 

When we arrived I was sure that upon seeing this great new view that I would have a lot of opportunities to get a great shot.  Anyone familiar with Newport weather in the summer might have tempered my expectations. 

Every day we started with fog until 11:00 am or later, followed by beautiful sunny 65 degree weather.  Around 7:00 pm each evening as the sun started to sink, the fog would begin to creep back in, making it less than ideal to shoot. 

This shot was from the one day that the fog held off and the sky cooperated with a nice color.  I was happy to have at least one shot of the lighthouse from this angle to show for a weeks worth of trying, and in my opinion it was worth the wait.