Ideas and Imagery #105

I've never really tried to shoot still life images.  I really enjoy the process of looking and searching for images in my surroundings.  Still life photos are as much about the arrangement of the subject and the story element as they are about taking the photo itself.

It's not to say that I didn't enjoy the setup for this photo, which I was pretty happy with when it was all said and done.  I wanted to create a scene that looked like it was found instead of staged, and I felt like I accomplished what I was looking to do.

This scene is rooted in truth, and it is one I have actively participated in as a playmate for my kiddo.  Everything had a place with the exception of the rabbit, which was placed in several different configurations until I felt it was well-lit and haphazard enough to seem natural.

I probably won't delve too far into this type of photography anytime soon, but this shot gives me confidence that on the occasion that I do, I should be able to produce results I am happy with.