Tiles #6

My impetus for the shot was the background clouds that made the bridge seem as though it was either floating or suspended at an extremely high elevation.  My focus was on the two passing semi trucks and I waited to snap the photo until they converged.  When I got back home to go through the day's photos there was a lot going on here that I was really pleased with. 

The photo contains a significant number of objects in pairs.  Cables, flags, road decks, and even the configuration of the vehicles (van followed closely by a semi, and tailed at a distance by another car) are shown in pairs.

Converting to black and white also helped to eliminate the blue sky and bring out the many tones in the image.  I love that the trucks are heading opposite directions, one in shadow and the other in light.

It's a fun image that is as much planned as it was a product of being there with my camera in hand...in other words a solid shot that turned out better than I anticipated.