Ideas and Imagery #108

This church in Eastern Oregon built in 1895 used to be surrounded by locust trees, but due to the frequency of which people stop in, the fire hazard was too great and they cleared all around it as a precaution.

Summer is dry in Oregon, even on the West side of the state.  But the level of dryness in Eastern Oregon combined with fields full of wheat and barley make it especially susceptible to discarded cigarettes.

One benefit of the clearing of the trees is that it reveals much more of the building.  This photo was taken on a largely overcast day, with one small window of sun peaking out from the clouds.

The black and white treatment combined with the somber weather and skeletal trees make this place seem ominous.  I have passed this church more times than I can count, but didn't ever take the time to stop.  It was great to finally do just that.