Ideas and Imagery #107

I drove back from Eastern Oregon on a rainy day, which of course is less likely than the opposite.  There wasn't much sun to speak of early, but toward the afternoon the clouds began to break up a bit and the sun was breaking through.

This canyon with the road winding down was so bright from the rain soaked reflection that it looked light it was lit from below.  It made for a really nice scene.  I got out to shoot, but the wind was blowing strong from the direction I wanted to shoot into and the drizzle that was falling peppered my lens.

I was pretty disappointed when I was shooting as I know that there wasn't really any chance to get a shot without the rain unless I waited it out.  The sun ducked behind the clouds before the rain stopped, so I headed on my way.

When working through the day's shots at home, my suspicions were confirmed and the rain was visible in the shot.  At first I was bothered by it, but as I looked at the perfectly circular points of light I though it added an interesting element that enhanced the top half of the shot.

I generally never delete photos in the field, and this is a large reason why.  The back of the camera's screen is never really a good barometer of the impact or technical merits of a shot.  It always requires a download and at least a better look.  This works for shots you think will be bad as well as shots that you think will be great.  You never know until you get them on the big screen.  In this case it worked out in my favor.