Ideas and Imagery #110

In winter Willamette Falls brings a massive amount of water, and with that water comes downed wood.  After really large storms you'll see the remains of many trees scattered across the falls' horseshoe shape.

Once the water begins to recede, the size and amount of wood really starts to reveal itself until the next wave of high water dislodges them and a fresh batch arrives.  This lone log was one of the remaining logs that lasted through the summer and provides a place to rest your eye as you work your way through this shot.

Another feature that help to move you around the frame is the straight line formed by the near side of the falls that bends around and back across itself.  It really interesting how unreflective the water becomes as it moves over the falls compared to the seemingly serene water surrounding it.

the falls aren't very accessible, but over the next decade or so, this area of Oregon City will transform itself and the falls will be less of a mystery for those of us who have only seen it from far away.  I am looking forward to getting to know them much better in the future.