Tiles #9

There is something about the texture of this wall to my eye that when I saw this scene, made it look as though the tree was applied to it in two dimensions.

It's an image I really like and come back to often.  I love that the tones of the tree blend with the tones and textures of the wall, and also how there is a color variation in the wall along the bottom of the frame.

Where most of the things I share are dramatically lit or composed, I do take more subtle images such as this.  I don't know how I can really fit an image like this within the work I display on my main website pages as it feels much different than that work.

It's one of the things I enjoy most about having a blog.  It is a way to share work that I really like, without having to post dissimilar images together.  They can stand on their own in the blog and it works great.