Ideas and Imagery #112

I really love it when I come across a mirror when I am out shooting.  Mirrors and windows are fantastic for adding incongruous objects together.  This boring wooden framed mirror resting against the wall reflects a much more interesting and hard to decipher scene of a cylindrical roof, translucent corrugated roofing material, and several umbrellas hanging from a wire.

I like that mirrors can change the depth of field significantly, especially if you are focusing on the distant objects in the reflection.  Here the counter and mirror frame are blurred out as they are much closer to the camera than the reflected objects, turning them soft and deemphasizing their impact on the frame.  In essence the scene outside the mirror acts as a frame for the scene inside.

The color in the scene add impact to the shot and with the focus on the umbrellas, they anchor the eye and steal the narrative.  What a fun shot to come across.