Tiles #11

I found that once I started to get a feel for the objects, scenes, and people that I was interested in shooting, I couldn't really turn the seeing part of my brain off.  This fact has been known to me for a few years at least, and I can say that the feeling hasn't diminished since that realization.

One way that I can describe it to the non-afflicted is with the example of owning a car.  Before you own a particular type of car, you rarely seem to notice them when you are out on the road.  But once you own that car, you see them everywhere.

Many times I have my camera with me, anticipating the inevitable situation where I see something interesting while moving through a normal day.  This shot is a result of such a time, and while it was a less than opportune time to shoot, I felt compelled to make sure I made the effort.

It just goes to show that no matter what I am doing, who I am with, or where I am at, if I see something that catches my eye, I will want to grab my camera.  People who know me understand that this is just what I do now, and they patiently wait while I exercise my eyes.  I appreciate their support, whether they connect with the shot or not.

In the end I hope that these moments will be appreciated by others.  I share the results of my passion with others because we're social beings who want to communicate?  I just happen to communicate my thoughts and feelings with photos.

I won't lie and say I don't enjoy when people connect with my photos.  Everybody likes to be appreciated.  But I take pictures for me, and I figure if I am shooting things that I find pretty, interesting, funny, or sad, there will be inevitably be someone that connects with my body of work.

I hope that audience grows over time, but regardless of if it does, I will continue to shoot the photos that I enjoy.  It is my way of connecting with the people and world around me.