Ideas and Imagery #113

This was a simple photo opportunity that caught my eye on a store front.  My first draw was the color scene of yellow and teal that I though was pretty striking.  It lead me to other interesting parts of the scene like the arrowhead tops to the bars, and the hanger just below the window.

The lingering perception I get with this photo however is just how uninviting this store front really is.  Between the red "No Trespassing" and "No Loitering" warnings on the bars, and the "window" with room only for the open sign, I didn't really get the sense that this was a place I was welcome.

I love when shots are layered and have multiple levels of interest that you can continue to discover as you look as them a number of times.  This shot slowly grew on me, and now I find it really enjoyable to come back and view it.