Ideas and Imagery #119

It's not often you get to peek inside one of the everyday machines that we take for granted as we move through our day.  This older gas pump, which is obviously not of this time (no circuit boards), was conveniently open on a recent trip to the Oregon Coast.

As unexpected as this find was, I snapped my shot and went on my way, having a great conversation with a local that was helping to rebuild a steam engine.  One of the things I found interesting was the 3-dimensional symmetry that you can infer from looking at the inner working.

I imagine the shot would look very similar from the other side of the pump, minus a few small variations.  It's like looking at both sides of the machine at once.

And while the right side of the top was an empty window, I was grateful for the weed head sprouting into the picture in what otherwise would have been a gaping hole in the composition.  It may be one of the only times you might hear me compliment a weed.