Tiles #15

This photo in my Tile project was taken in an Oregon coastal town where they process seafood.  I'm not entirely sure what goes through these pipes, but the color and symmetry of the system was really interesting.

While mostly symmetrical, there is still enough variation present to turn the photo into an exercise in finding the places where the two halves differ.  It reminds me of the Highlights magazines I used to look at when waiting for the dentist as a kid where there were games that required you to find what was different or to find hidden objects within a normal scene.

I also really like that on the whole, the parts are mostly symmetrical in terms of color as well.  It's odd to see such bright varied colors in an area where monotones and drab are the norm. 

One viewer of this photo said it reminded them of a scene from a Super Mario Bros. video game.  Since that observation was made, I have been having a hard time not seeing the same thing whenever I view it.

That wouldn't be a bad thing except that each time I see it, the midi songs full of blips and bleeps that were burned into my head while playing countless hours of Mario Bros. return for a few hours.  Oh well.  At least it isn't John Jacob Jingle-heimer Smith...