Tiles #16

This photo is a reminder that sometimes your spouse sees things better than you do.  But since we are on the same team, what's hers is mine and vice versa, right?

This shot was taken at the Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn  in Hanoverton, Ohio, which was restored back to its original layout from the 1800's.  Part of the fun of this place was the ability to wander around and look at the various rooms and common spaces.

It was during our tour that my wife saw this great chandelier suspended from the middle of a pyramid-like ceiling made of bricks.  She stopped and took a few iPhone pics and I quickly followed with a few shots from my wide angle lens.

Now every time I show this picture she makes sure to let people know that it was actually her that first saw the shot.  So for those who read my blog at least, I am confessing that while I took this picture, I got the idea from my lovely wife.

Thanks, love.  You have a great eye, which we already knew because look who you married!  But seriously, well seen!