Ideas and Imagery #106

Every once in a while you find the time to try something different.  I went outside in my backyard and came across this spider enjoying its lunch.  This moth was at least an inch long, which I'm sure made for a small feast for this spider that is at least a quarter of its size.

Taking macro photos requires really fine technique as the margin for error is really small.  Factors like wind and camera vibration are magnified at this scale, making even small movements stand out.

It's not to say that there is a lot of luck involved, but you have to have a solid idea of what the technical limitations of your equipment are.  You have to take your time and be deliberate.

Other macro shots I've taken have suffered from my lack of patience and in trying to take shortcuts.  Here I spent the time, made sure everything was set up to maximize my chances for success, and was happy with the results.